Preparing a Reference Machine

A reference machine is used to create a standard desktop base layer for a set of CVDs. A base layer usually includes operating system updates, service packs and patches, corporate applications for all target users to use, and corporate configuration and policies.


Install VMware Mirage client on the system to be used as Reference Machine.

Creating Reference Machine

Login to VMware Mirage Console. You will see the device in the list of  Pending Devices.

Right-click on the device you want to use as reference machine. Click on Centralize Endpoint.

Chose Create Reference CVD for Base Layer Capture.

Select the upload policy.

Select the Volume to CVD of Reference machine.

Click on Finish.


This concludes the creation of CVD of Reference machine which we will use to create the base layer in next article. In the next article, we will create base OS layer which later will be used for migrating Windows 7 machine to Windows 10.  Hope this will be informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!. Be social and share if you find worth sharing it.