In VMware vSphere implementation, you can implement Openstack services using VMware Integrated Openstack. VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.0 is based on the Kilo release of OpenStack. For implementing VMware Integrated OpenStack, Integrated Openstack Manager vApp is required to be deployed in vCenter. The Integrated OpenStack Manager provides a workflow that guides through and completes the VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment process. With Integrated OpenStack Manager, you can specify your management and compute clusters, configure networking, and add resources. Once deployed, you can use Integrated OpenStack Manager to add components or otherwise modify the configuration of your VMware Integrated OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

 VMware Integrated OpenStack architecture connects vSphere resources to the OpenStack Compute, Networking, Block Storage, Image Service, Identity Service, and Orchestration components. It is implemented as compute and management clusters. The compute cluster handles all tenant workloads. The management cluster contains the VMs that comprise your OpenStack cloud deployment. It also contains the memory cache (memcache), message queue (RabbitMQ), load balancing, DHCP, and database services. VMware Integrated OpenStack deployments can use NSX-V for the Networking component.

Before Installing VMware Integrated OpenStack, you must deploy the VMware Integrated OpenStack OVA. It installs Integrated OpenStack Manager vSphere Web Client. To deploy VMware Integrated Openstack OVA login to vSphere Web Client and deploy the OVA.


Click Next to continue further.


Accept the License Agreement and click NEXT.


Choose appropriate name and the location to place the deployed Management server vAPP.


Choose the Management Server Network and click Next.


Choose the virtual disk format and the datastore for placement.


Choose the password for viouser and provide the other networking details.



Click Finish if all looks good on Summary page.


Post deployment, access the Integrated OpenStack Management Server using
URL = https://<ip_address_of_mgmt_svr>/VIO


Once logged in you will see it disconnected from vCenter Server. Click on FIX and Click OK to accept the security certificate.



Post successful connectivity with vCenter Server, VMware Integrated OpenStack icon will be listed in the inventories list.



In this post we successfully deployed VMware Integrated Openstack management server in vSphere environment. In next post to this series I will be covering on Deploying OpenStack.  I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!. Be Social and share it in Social media, if you feel worth sharing it.