VMware Horizon View Automated Farm

In one of my earlier post I discussed about VMware Horizon Farms and type of VMware Horizon Farms. Farms are a collection of Remote Desktop Services Host and VMware Horizon provides an administrator a flexibility to create Automated or Manual Farms. Using Farm, an administrator can create RDS Pool for users.

In this post I will be covering the steps to create a Automated VMware Horizon Farm using VMware Horizon Composer.


  1. Parent VM should have Horizon View Agent installed.
  2. Parent VM should have Remote Desktop Session Host Role installed / configured.

Steps to create Automated Farm

Login the VMware View Horizon Admin Console. Go to Resources –> Farm. Click on Add to create a new Farm.


Choose Automated Farm and click on Next.2

An Automated Farm consist of RDS hosts that are linked clone of Virtual machines in vCenter Server. Leveraging View Composer, new RDS hosts are cloned from a single parent virtual machine and are linked to the parent virtual machine reducing the amount of storage requirement.

Choose the vCenter server and the linked VMware Composer Server. Click on Next to proceed further.


Configure the Farm settings as per organization policy. In Lab, I kept these setting as default. Click Next to proceed further.4Provide the Naming pattern you want to use for new RDS Host and the Farm Size (number of RDS host to be deployed)


Click Next to proceed.6

Under vCenter Settings, Choose Parent VM, Snapshot, VM Folder Location, Cluster and DataStore. Click Next7Configure Advanced Storage Options. In lab I kept it default.8

Choose the Domain name new RDS host will be part of and the customization script to use.9

Review the settings on summary page. Click Finish to create new RDS Host.10 11It would take some time to deploy new RDS host. New RDS Pool can be deployed once the RDS host status becomes Available.

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We just covered the steps to perform VMware Horizon Automated Farm. I hope this will be informative for you. Thanks for reading. Happy Learning :-).