App Volumes delivers native applications to Horizon, Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, and RSDH environments on-demand through VMDKs or VHDs, without modifying virtual desktops, application servers, or the applications. Using App Volumes, You can instantly deliver or upgrade applications to virtual desktop and published application environments. These applications are stored in read-only virtual disks that can be instantly attached to individual or groups of virtual desktops, published application servers, or users.

Before provideing applications to users, applications are required to be bundled into AppStacks using AppCapture. An AppStack is a collection of files, folders, registries, and metadata stored in .vhd or .vmdk files and accompanied by a json file. AppCapture is a standalone program and can you run it outside of VMware App Volumes 3.0. Applications can be captured either using command line or from Microsoft PowerShell. You must capture applications from the same OS into which you mount them.

Before Capturing applications you are required to install App Capture utility available for download on VMware Portal. Post Installation you can capture the application using AppCapture either using Command Line or Microsoft Power Shell.

In the post I will be using Windows Command line for capturing application.


Open Command prompt and change the directory to AppCapture Installation directory.

Execute AppCapture.exe /n <name_of_new_app_stack>. Do not close this command line window. Install the applications need to be captured.


Post Installation press <Enter>. Hit <Enter> again to confirm.


After reboot process will show the location of the Virtual Disks with captured applications.


You can review the application captured using AppCapture /list <disk_location>


You can merge or update the Appstacks using below command line options.

  • AppMerge.exe /o OutpuAppStack /s “InputAppStackfile-1”, “InputAppStackfile-2”, “InputAppStackfile-3”
  • AppCapture.exe /n  <new_appstack_name> /s <Source_appstack_name>

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